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Automating the Busy Work

So Legal can Focus on
What Matters

Created to help In-house Legal
work better, conquer volume,  
move 3x faster through automation, workflows, and metrics.
Our Story

Our co-founder has over 8 years of experience in-house. She joined forces with a product expert to create a software platform that is designed for the way that in-house teams work and solves real life problems to enable legal teams to work happier.

Our Mission

LegalDesk seeks to help Legal collaborate better with the Business and to work more efficiently internally with each other, all within a user interface that aims to delight with its simplicity and ease of use.

Our Technology

We are a cloud-based platform balancing intuitive and delightful design with robust infrastructure and security.


Actionable Metrics

Manage your team better with dynamic metrics in real time.  Use trends in request volume changes MoM and QoQ to more accurately staff your team, use request completion rates for each team member to see utilization rates, track SLAs across matter types to improve engagement with business stakeholders, and more.


Transparency for All

Improve Legal and Business relationship by giving business teams automated updates when their request is progressing to the next stage.

Automate Workflows

Create efficiencies by automating workflows such as sending approvals upon certain triggers.  Eliminate manual tasks so Legal can focus on solving the big problems.


Keep Great Records

Keep an audit history of all request changes, approval history, and messages, so you can move fast without creating headaches down the road.

Simple and dynamic dashboards
No plug-ins needed
Built in reporting capabilities
Value from day one
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